What you should know about using dog collar?

Should I get collar for my dog?

Do you ask yourself why burden my pet with a dog collar. Why should your dog need that extra piece of accessory forced on it? Do you wonder why you should introduce dog collar into practice?

Firstly, it is not an option. You must use dog collars when you take your dog outdoors. The laws mandate it in several territories. All dogs need to wear collar plus identity tag in a public place. Tag should contain owner’s name and contact address. Failure to do so ends up in fines of up to £5000, depending on where you live.

Secondly, there are other reasons why you should consider getting collars for your dog, as a responsible dog owner. It goes around the neck of your pet dog. It is for identification, control and even for making a fashion statement. Sometimes medical information about your dog is placed on its collar. They provide handle for holding your dog in a place.

Dogs love it too…

For fact some dogs love their collars. They exhibit proud behavior when given one. They nose and stretch their necks voluntarily for you to put on a collar. A lot of dogs, small or big, pick up this behavior. All dogs get used to it, if you don’t handle it harshly. In a nutshell, it not an animal abuse, even remotely. A common alternative to collar is harness. Nevertheless, local laws in most regions mandate usage of collars. Collars are used in conjunction with a leash.

Collars comes in different sizes

You can’t have a one size fit all solution. Ideally, collar length varies with the size of your dog. Small dogs should get collars that are 8-11” long. Medium sized dogs gets 12-15”, large dogs get 16-19” and the giants require 20-23” of collar length. Width should be about half an inch for small dogs, three quarters of an inch for medium sized dogs and a whole inch for larger breeds.

Special purpose collars

There are a few special purpose collars which delivers something extra.

  • Flotation collar: It comes as a buoyancy aid providing additional support to the head, while in water. It uses closed foam material for construction.

  • Lighting collar: It emits lights, thereby making your dog more visible in the night. It helps motorists to avoid your dog during dark.

  • Reflection collar: It serves the same purpose as lighting collar, but minimally. It uses nylon webbing and reflective tape making your dog seen in the night.

  • Stud collar: Stud collars used spike metals in construction. It stops another animal from biting on your dog’s neck, while on cattle duty.

Follow best practices

You should follow best practices in using collars. You are required to use it only while you take the dog outdoors. While the dog is alone and unsupervised you need to take the collar off. It’s not something you can leave on for a long time. Dogs can get stuck and their panicky response only makes the situation worse.

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