Use dog collars for safety and security!!


What does dog collars mean? Dog collars are a piece of material. It put around the neck of a dog. It is used for various work like for controlling, identification, fashion and so on. Generally, people use dog collars for the betterment. People love to live with dogs and for that, they do best for their dog. Using Dog Collars is dangerous for the dogs. By this, they might have faced many problems.

Dangerous for dog

Using Dog Collars is always dangerous for dogs. Collar are a part of the training. By using this there are various injuries occur. They are

  • Neck injury
  • Ear and eye Issues
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Forelimbs
  • Behavioral problems

Basics type of collars

There are basic types of collars found in the market. Each collar has different uses

Basic collars- As we know that collars are made up of materials mostly leather or nylon. For everyday wear collars are:

  • Buckley collars: It is a standard collar for dogs and it fit properly tight on the dogs. It also knows as flat collars.
  • Break-away collars: It looks more similar to buckle collars. This type of collars is used to defend himself.
  • Safety stretch collars: It is of elastic type. This collar is used to defend from dangers like branches and other dogs.

Special purpose collars

There are various collars of a special type. These are as follows

  • Stud collars: these are basically protection collars. The main purpose of this collars is that it is used then when any other dog bite the neck. They are also known as wolf collars. This means that it also protects from the wolf.
  • Lighted collars: as the name suggests light it means that this type of collars give light. It helps dogs to watch at the night or in a dark place.
  • Flotation collars: this type of collars acts as life jackets for dogs. It protects the head of the dog when it is in water.

Training Collars

There are various types of training collars. Some are mentioned below: –

  • Aversive collars.
  • Head collars.
  • Martingale collars.
  • Flat collars and so on.


While using collars one should keep in that one should not pull the harness. If the dog is in harness never pull him hard. Electric shock collars are also there to give animal while training, but this is not a good option. One should always restrict to terms and conditions while using collars for dogs. The pressure should be applied in less amount. If such situation arises kindly pull the harness from the neck of a dog. It might hurt him.


Using dog collars is good as well as bad for the dog. It is good because by this dog are under your control and it’s bad because they’re a lot of injuries that happens due to the collars. Dogs are the best friend of yours, so you do best for them only. Kids also love them, and they are always loyal to you. They are trustworthy, and they do anything for you. They need only love and care of yours. Dogs are best friends of yours.

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